LUXAFLEX Evo Awnings

Worldwide, many people are realizing the benefits of awnings in their home. Outdoor Awnings with open weave fabric have many advantages such as glare reduction, reduced energy costs and daytime privacy.

The new LUXAFLEX® Evo Awning provides a great, contemporary solution for effectively reducing glare and UV entering the home, whilst maintaining your views. Outdoor blinds made from open weave Everscreen fabric can reflect the suns heat before it enters your home, reducing the temperature inside to keep you cooler and reducing your energy consumption.

Featuring a variety of hardware options, there is a LUXAFLEX® Evo Awning product that is perfect for you, no matter what your external shading requirements are. Designed to cover spans of up to 5m, the Evo Awning is perfect for large windows and entertaining areas.

This product is covered by a 5 Year LUXAFLEX® product warranty.

  • The LUXAFLEX® Evo Awning is designed for large spans, capable of covering widths up to 5m and drops up to 4m.
  • Evo Channel Awnings provide privacy, UV protection and insect resistance and feature a two piece side channel which covers any unsightly screws for a clean, modern finish.
  • The optional Headbox encloses the fabric and protects it from external elements such as rain, UV’s and debris.
Operating Options
Manual Crank: A high ratio gear ensures that the operation is not dependant on the user’s strength.
Motorisation: A range of motorisation options allow the Evo Awningto be operated at the touch of a button or the flick of a switch.
Internal Cord Winch: Allows you to operate the Evo Awning from inside the comfort of your home.
Spring Operatio: The Evo Awning can be manuall pulled down to the required height and locked in place.

The Evo STC is a tension system holding the fabric secure in the side channels. It is ideal in windy conditions as the fabric can’t blow out of the channel. Ideal for enclosing courtyards, patios or balconies, essentially adding an extra room, and therefore value to your home.
The Evo STC eliminates light gaps and has minimal fabric build-up, ensuring the fabric rolls up symmetrically for longevity. It features a unique floating insert to control movement and clever sound bumpers to minimise noise when operating in windy conditions.
Evo STC Awnings provide privacy, UV protection and insect resistance.

Featuring stainless steel cables, the Evo Cable Awning is perfect for coastal homes. This sturdy system not only provides UV protection and air flow, it is very durable and is the best option when fixing a channel to a wall is not possible.

The Evo Drop Awning is the perfect choice when there are no posts or walls to mount to and the awning cannot use side channels or guides. The awning is strapped to the ground or railing to secure it from swinging in the wind.

LUXAFLEX® Evo Channel
Made for windy conditions the Evo Channel eliminates light gaps and comes with a locking pin option which allows the awning to be secured at various heights, for maximum control.

Everscreen – available in 24 colours, this premium fabric provides significant heat and glare reduction, and UV protection, all while maintaining a clear view.
Dickson Constant Acrylic – available in 80 colours, including solid and striped fabrics. The Acrylic provides semi-block out for improved privacy and sun protection.
Clear PVC – provides great wind and wet weather protection.