cafe blinds

The perfect choice for people looking for a cost effective way to enhance their outdoor area, creating a space that can be used all year round.

Our Outdoor Cafe Blinds are raised and lowered by a cord and pulley operation and are anchored, when down, with a strapping system. The sides are zipped and secured to posts/walls/etc. to minimise the intrusion of the outside elements.

Available in Marine Grade PVC or Shade Elements fabrics, it’s like having a cafe in your own backyard.

  • Clear & tinted PVC fabric is ideal for those wanting to be protected from the elements, heat the external space and do not have direct sun on the blinds if down in summer.
  • Shade Elements fabrics are perfect if you are wanting to enclose your outdoor area, giving it a great deal of protection from the sun, wind and rain all year round.
Zip Option
For added protection and strength fix the sides and lift the blinds by unzipping and then raising.

Fixing Option
For extra strength or areas by the sea upgrade your componentry to stainless steel.